How fortnite became pop culture phenomenon??

Pramod kumar Pradhan
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Epic games on of the largest and leading company in terms of game development . As an example Fortnite one of the worlds most popular video game . which is developed by Epic games .
This game based on fighting and building construction among 100 players who survived till last became winner (battel royal).

200Million players
8.3Million concurrent players at a time
7 million developers around the world using epic games services

How would they handle all that data from so many people?
How does any game developer process that amount of information?

That’s the situation Fortnite creators at Epic Games found themselves . And they overcome it because of cloud computing. And one of the leading cloud service providers is AWS . Epic games use all the possible resources or service of aws to run fortnite .

Like game-servers, backend services , databases , websites and analytics pipeline and processing system. AWS is the reliable Cloud partner so the developer of the company focuses on the innovations with their products and their platform.

The supported growth of players is more then 100 times in these past 12 months . The remarkable growth of Fortnite means Epic Games deals with two petabytes of data each month! Picture a stack of 2,000 terabyte hard drives.
125 million events per minutes takes players in fortnite which leads to staggering 2 petabyte of data per month . Which stores through batch pipeline in S3.So after saving this much big data it uses to monitor the
health of service and it also helps to monitor the client side problem also which is not possible with out cloud computing.

Epic Games continuously provides reliable player experiences and with AWS, is able to scale up to meet the demands of so many people and expand its services globally with minimal effort. “There can be a 10x difference between high peak and
low peak in any particular region,” explained Chris. “We run our service in 26 availability zones around the world to provide the best customer experience to our players.”

Aws provide these 3 things easily Scalability, Elasticity and Globally , which helps these game to grow easily.
Fortnite grow 100 times in these few 12 months so scalability is the key hear , and auto scaling plays a vital role .
we run our game services in more then 26 avalibility zone around the world. and manage the 10 times different work load between peak and low peak in any perticular region So elasticity is really really important.

As another thing is possible because of cloud they organize an event where at a time over 1 million player joined . which is never before possible with put cloud technology.

We have a very large analytics pipeline that supports all of our proudects.

And finally ad-hoc sequel analysis that helps analyst to go deeper dive in game page geometry data.

After that they look for Amazon guard dude that detect the threat and also neptune to build a social growth and potential implement from some anti-fraud tools.

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